kristina wodicka

The philosophical definition of holistic is to comprehend that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and can be explained only in reference to the whole. Which very simply means that we have to look at the whole person, taking into account all of the circumstances including emotional, physical and social. Therefore no two people are alike and no two treatments can be alike.

I was trained as a traditional Chiropractor approaching patients with the intention of relieving symptoms, but without necessarily addressing the root cause. I have learned through years of practice, that without also developing an understanding of the root cause of a patient’s problems, the symptoms often return. My approach strengthens the core, builds the body up slowly, and it can create a profound shift in awareness and attitude for the individual.

I tend to see patients who have tried “everything” else first, and are now willing to try something new. These patients tend to do well because they are no longer in a defensive mode, and are ready and able to bring about wellness.

Patients with the most success are open minded and eager to try something different, committed to the process and to a treatment plan which may involve a series of sessions. My job is to remove all the blockages (emotional, chemical, and physical) to create wellness. A person needs to be able to look and see the truth about themselves without judgement. My patients don’t always come in with this attitude, but after some treatments the shift usually occurs.

kristina wodickaOften patients will feel better after the first visit. They will get an idea of how many treatments it will take to reach their wellness goal. If a patient has questions or concerns I am open to hearing them. If something isn’t working well I am willing to change the plan. Patients should expect me to give them 100% each time they visit. They should expect me to be present and listen to them. The cause of their problem will be uncovered.

Patients have helped me to become the best practitioner I can be – and I will continue to learn and grow from my patients. Lastly, there has to be a mutual level of respect, and for the patient; a general interest in understanding and taking responsibility for his/her own healing. I believe that I am a “tool” for patients, assisting them to find their way to a healthier state of being. Most importantly, I truly care about people – and I want to help all who are willing to reach a higher level of living.

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