NET stands for Neuro Emotional Technique.  This technique is a mind-body method of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress.  Unresolved stress can affect us long after an original event.

Responses including anger, sadness, grief, shame can stay unresolved.  Over time we find ourselves with unexplained aversions which can lead to self sabotaging behaviors, phobias, and chronic physical problems. Chronic conditions may include body pain, general anxiety, headaches, organ dysfunction and many more.

NET is a tool that can help to identify and help you “let go” of stuck mind-body stress patterns which can improve many of these conditions.

NET also uses the Home Run Formula model which categorizes health into four areas.  This model shows individuals how factors including Emotional/Stress, Toxins, Nutrition and Structure are all related and necessary for optimal health.  By acknowledging the relationship between these four factors and incorporating balance within this system, patients can enjoy better health and well being.

NET does not cure or heal the patient, it simply removes the blockages and allows the body to heal and repair itself naturally.

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View this video to observe how NET Neuro Emotional Technique works to help my patients with stress which can manifest as somatic pain. This can be used to alleviate a whole spectrum of ailments.

Posted by Little Waters Wellness on Wednesday, December 17, 2014