Allergy Treatment and Holistic Care Testimonials

healing food allergies with medicine

Patient testimonials for the wellness practice of Dr. Kristina Wodicka.

“Only health practitioner to get to root of the problem.”

Dr. Wodicka was the only health practitioner to get to the root of the problem. She correctly diagnosed and treated me for multiple allergies. As a result, I have regained my health and strength, lost weight and look and feel terrific.

Thank you Dr. Wodicka for giving me my life back!

“Significant emotional issues that had been a part of my life were discussed and treated.”

My experience with NAET, and Dr. Kristina Wodicka specifically, was truly life-changing, and I do not offer this lightly.

Significant emotional issues that had been a part of my life were discussed and treated, with a result that they were lessened or eliminated from my personal “baggage”.

I had destructive issues that played a part of my everyday life. After clearing the substances that Dr. Wodicka determined were involved with the issues, I realized I wasn’t thinking about them on a daily basis. After years of dealing with the interference these had on my life, I could no longer recall the depths in which they affected me.

The best analogy I can think of to describe this remarkable process relates to a bad headache. It is similar to the feeling when you first realize that a headache has gone away, and you can’t remember what it felt like to have had the headache.

The treatments and philosophy exceeded my expectations dramatically.

Allergy Treatment For Young Children without using Medication

My elder son Bruce, developed rashes on his face after a severe allergic reaction to goat’s milk. My husband and I rushed to the hospital after he started swelling up like a balloon. At the hospital, we were told that if he had received one more dose of milk, his respiratory system could have closed up.
He was given a few doses of Benadryl after which his condition improved. This proved to be a challenging turning point for our family because within that same week he developed eczema. It started off as tiny red spots on his face spreading all across his body. The worse part being the endless scratching day and night, the irritability and mood swings which worsened as he grew older.

For about 2 years, I struggled to find a remedy to heal his condition. I tried many topical creams to ease the scratching and visited several doctors including Mount Sinai Hospital’s department of pediatric allergy. I did homeopathy and consulted a naturalist from which I learned valuable information, however, I still didn’t have a solution to cure the allergies.

By that time my second son, Lee was born. His condition was worse then Bruce. His eczema was so severe, he lived on Neocate (an amino acid based hypoallergenic infant formula) from 5 to 11 months being able to eat only yam and sweet potato. He was allergic to everything including soaps and fabrics. The only way I could care for his skin was through salt baths by soaking him in the lightly salted luke warm water on a daily basis. Fortunately, his skin cleared up. The sea salt helped to bring out the toxins from under the skin and dried up the eczema. Nonetheless, his food allergies were still a problem causing frequent vomiting and facial rashes, mood swings and hyperactivity.

My third child, Oceanna was by far the worst case of eczema and food allergies. She reacted to absolutely everything including breast milk and Neocate. A while back my children’s pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Zatz had advised me to visit his wife, Doctor Kristina Wodicka who specializes in food allergies through a technique called N.A.E.T. He told me that it’s completely natural there are no medicines to take, no prescription drugs! I was amazed and curious, so I started this new process which was a total mystery to me and to my surprise I began noticing changes in my children’s behavior and reactions to certain foods within the first week of treatment. The results were concrete and satisfying.

There were times when I thought that the treatment was not working because I could not see the difference, but over time I realized that all the treatments were creating a building block within the body’s immune system to heal a major allergy to a particular food. The treatment is a process, there’s no denying, but effective and safe. My daughter in now able to eat more different types of foods then my sons and she’s only 2 1/2 years old. All her eczema has healed and is a bright and happy girl. A complete transformation to her former self that was always crying, scratching, vomiting. None of these symptoms plague my family today. The earlier you start with children the quicker they recover from an allergic condition.

My fourth child, Matthew is 7 months old and barely has allergies, thanks to the treatments I did during my pregnancy with him where I covered all the basics. As a result I am still breastfeeding and I am experiencing less stress and frustration raising my children.

I can proudly say that they are stronger, healthier and able to eat all of the foods they were once allergic to such as eggs, wheat, bread, corn, soy, rice, sugars and various fruits and vegetables. They used to react to allergens in the air such as pollen and mold. They reacted to materials they touched at school like soaps and paint. They were allergic to animals which made them cough all year long.

Allergy specialists at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York gave us a negative report earlier on about my children’s allergies saying that there is no cure for their condition. They had also told us that our kids are the most allergic kids they had ever come across and the only thing to do was to hope that they would grow out of it and to keep them away from problem foods. Obviously that was out of the question since they barely had a diet to begin with.

N.A.E.T. gave us a solution where medical science fell short. I see a complete change in the children, the eczema is no longer there, the irritability and nervousness is gone, they can even sleep through the night. As for my husband and myself, we are relieved and thankful that N.A.E.T. is available to us. It has saved us in more ways then one and has given us tremendous hope for a healthy family life.


“Finally got to the point where my hives were completely gone.”

I had been suffering from Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria for a year, an unrelenting case of severe hives with no known cause. The medical specialists had rotated me through multiple courses of 12 different drugs in varying combinations without the least bit of relief. My third visit to the emergency room ended with no relief from the injection of antihistamine. On my final visit with the allergy specialist, he told me the latest blood tests showed the hives were an auto-immune problem and advised that I “learn to live with it”.

Shortly after that, I had accessed the NAET website while researching allergies and read a little bit, enough to know this is something I would try. I called a local practitioner, Dr. Wodicka, who assured me that NAET is very successful with my kind of problem. After reading the book, and going through the basic processes, I felt I had found something promising, and as the treatment progressed, my hives diminished with each visit. Dr. Wodicka was able to isolate the exact causes of my allergies by muscle response testing. The persisting outbreaks were controlled by medication, and before long, I found I was needing them less and less. I finally got to the point where my hives were completely gone, and my life had returned to normal. I continue to see Dr. Wodicka to clear up some other lingering effects of a year’s worth of toxic drugs, and I consider the results of the NAET treatment miraculous.

I hope that others suffering from chronic conditions find this treatment and benefit!