What is an allergy?

An allergy is a body overreaction by the immune system to something in the environment including chemicals, food, and inhalants. From a holistic view, NAET treatment is based on oriental medical principles, when body contact is made with an allergen, the normal flow of energy stops and blockages are created. Allergic reactions can produce different symptoms depending on where the energy blockage or imbalance is. The results of this interference can create headaches, aches and pains, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, autism, ADD, learning disorders, immune disorders, fibromyalgia, eczema, environmental and seasonal allergies.

Are the treatments painful?

No. The treatments include acupressure, gentle chiropractic, and applied kinesiology (muscle testing).

How many treatments are needed?

The total number of treatments required to effect change in a condition will vary with the disease as well as its severity and duration. During the initial visit, an assessment of your condition will be made by Dr. Wodicka and a treatment plan will be outlined. Some people are greatly improved after a few visits while others may need 50 or more treatments. Every patient is unique and will receive the best care suited to their needs.

How do you determine what my allergies are?

Allergies can be determined by traditional tests such as intradermal or serum RAST testing. Alternative testing includes applied kinesiology and MRT (muscle response testing). These methods evaluate your body’s response to a potential allergen by measuring muscle strength. These tests can be used in a complementary way to gain a more complete picture of your allergies.

Can you really clear up my child’s peanut allergy?

When NAET is used properly and in a specific sequence all allergies, including to peanuts, can be eliminated in a large percentage of patients.

Do you provide traditional chiropractic care as well?

Yes. Not all patients need NAET treatments. Some patients request and benefit from standard chiropractic care including manual trigger point therapy and adjustments.

Does your practice evaluate my nutritional status and offer supplements?

Yes. Most patients going through NAET are unable to fully absorb nutrients. Dr. Wodicka will evaluate each person’s needs and create a nutritional plan consisting of proper diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle changes, and detoxification programs if needed.

Why do I need to avoid an allergen after treatment for 25 hours?

In Chinese Medicine the energy shifts from each of the twelve major organs every two hours. It takes twenty-four hours to clear all organs in your body. Patients who observe the twenty-five hour avoidance receive the maximum benefit.